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What is discipleship?

A disciple is a type of student. In our case, being a disciple means learning from and modeling our lives after Jesus. We want our students to grow and develop their relationships with Jesus throughout their time at Ablaze Youth, and one way we do that is through discipleship. The students can choose to find a mentor within the church to help them along in their spiritual walk. This will usually be an older member of the congregation. Not every student has to have a discipler, but if they want to, we would be happy to find them one. 

Finding a discipler

We have many leaders and adults in our church who would love to disciple our students. If you are a student looking to be discipled, fill out the form below and we will get you paired up. If you are a member of the church wanting to help disciple a student, fill out the next form! 

Interested in being discipled?

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Interested in discipling a student?

Thanks for submitting!

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